Sunday, 11 June 2017

Gothic Manor pt 9

The exterior paint is heading in the right direction but not finished. I enjoy weathering far more than I thought I would since it doesn't seem possible to overdo the shading of natural stone (I may live to regret that comment). A little bit of grey/black/white/green, dab some off, add some. Being a messy painter is finally paying off 😀

I discovered the idea for the texture from two posts. Drora posted a link to a fabulous tutorial by 'We Love Miniatures' which describes using plaster mixed with paint to get a stone effect.

The second idea came from a tutorial by Elizabeth which describes adding drywall filler to give the appearance of stone. Both tutorials were exactly what I needed to transform the eggbox and wood. Thank you ladies 😚 In the UK, polycell make a powdered filler that mixes well with paint to produce the stone finish that I applied to the window frames

I smeared Everbuilds' ready mixed filler in patches, over the eggbox which dries to an extremely hard, rock-like surface.

close up of eggbox rock
In between painting I tackled the three hipped roofs above the bays and oriel window. I chose lead sheet because lets face it, all of those angles would be a flippin nightmare with tiles. The oriel window was slightly more complicated in that I had to make a cardboard template of each segment and transfer it to the lead sheet. The bay windows are straightforward strips.

In a real lead roof, the lead would be folded over battens. I knew this would be nigh impossible for something so small. Lead is very soft but a pain to fold in nice, neat creases. Instead, I cut thin strips, (with a utility knife), and laid them over the joints of each lead panel. 

They'll look more at home with a bit of weathering and I still need to add the flashing strip at the back. What else did I do...? Oh yes, I topped the facade with coping stones. These are 3 x 12 x 37mm pieces of wood. Underneath I glued a 1.5 x 8mm strip to form a gap between the wall and coping stones. This gap will be filled with mortar, or a paint/plaster mix that looks like mortar, to (hopefully) add to the realism.

And that, my friends, was what I got up to last week
Hope you're having a fabulous weekend
Pepper :0)